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About the Program


As a student at ReDI School Copenhagen, you will be a part of a program with courses for 3 months, soft-skills workshops, company visits, and social events. You will also have the possibility to get individual coachings, where you will learn about the Danish labor market, communicating your competencies, and get support for developing your career. Each semester we celebrate the students' and volunteers' efforts at the graduation ceremony called DemoDay. See an overview of the program details below.











During the semester we will have workshops with volunteer trainers in subjects that will advance your career. They will give you extra knowledge on those subjects that because of limited time are not covered in initial courses, like CSS, Git, GitHub, Node.js, React, User testing. You will also get help on shaping your CV and Linkedin profiles, building a portfolio, and creating a profile on ReDI School's new networking space on Feats.co.

Who can run a workshop? 

In ReDI School Copenhagen everyone can participate in co-creating a workshop. You just need to approach us with your suggestions and your idea. If you are interested, contact anne.aaby@redi-school.org.

How many workshops do we have during the semester? 

There will be 2-3 workshops each semester. As a student or community member, you can attend all the workshops we have.

What happens after the course in ReDI School? 

As alumni, you can continue to be part of the community, participate in workshops, use our resources, and also become a ReDI ambassador. 

Career Coaching 


Do you want to review career plans or plan the next steps? We have a team of great volunteer Career Coaches who are ready to support. ReDI students and alumni in Copenhagen can receive coaching and professional support with any career-related topic such as job orientation, CV and application check, internship/job search, and job interview preparation. We use the DAMVAD Labor Intelligence Tool to guide the coaching. 

How does it work and what can I expect?  
The career coaching in ReDI School consists of five sessions of career support. There will be three individual sessions with you and your coach and two group sessions with other students. Each session takes 30-60 minutes and will take place at the coach's office, in ReDI's offices in Copenhagen, or online.
How are the career coaching sessions designed? ​

In the session, we do not tell you what career we think is right for you. Rather, we work with you to help you reflect on your motivations, your values in order to help you choose a career path that you really enjoy.



Company Visits 


Each semester we organize company visits for students and alumni, together with our partners and community. We visit a wide variety of companies from startups to large corporations. Some of the companies we have visited include Cisco, IBMs Client Innovation Centre, Founders House, TDC, KMD and Adapt Agency. It's a chance to get to know interesting employers, discover new job perspectives and build up a professional network. 

Should we visit your company next? 

We are constantly searching for companies and employers who would like to organize company visits and events with us in order to get to know talented ReDI students and alumni. If you are interested, let's start the conversation

















Community Events

We organize events for all of our community throughout the semester. We start the semester with a kick-off event and have several pieces of training and social events during the program. As a community, in the end, we have a career fair and DemoDay where we celebrate the student's results.

Who can organize community events? 

Everyone can organize a community event. We encourage partners, alumni, and the community to arrange training and events to empower our volunteers and students and to join our large events such as DemoDay and the yearly Career Fair.

What is the Career Fair? 

At the Career Fair, you can meet the students. Organizations and companies with relevant internships or jobs can apply for having a booth at our Career Fair. Get in touch with us for more information





As part of our community, you join our network of talents and resources. We have a number of possibilities to continue the learning journey if you are a student. After the courses, you will become part of our alumni group and get invited to relevant events. You can also get your project shown online. As a partner or volunteer, you will be a part of our lively community and you can work on special projects as an ambassador. 

Which projects do students make? 

If you are interested in seeing the students' projects, please visit our ReDI School community.

How do students continue after ReDI School? 

Many of our alumni find internships and jobs after the course in ReDI School. If you want to hear our news, please follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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