Immersive Insiders
- Everything you need to succeed in XR

Let us introduce our all-in-one-platform for learning to code for Virtual-, Augmented-, and Mixed Reality.

ReDI School has partnered with Dinesh Punni to offer professional online courses on Mixed Reality. If you are interested you can apply here to receive a temporary scholarship for the courses.

What is the difference between Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) creates a fully immersive environment where no images from your actual surroundings appear. Augmented Reality (AR) shows you elements that overlay with your real environment, for example, descriptions of a certain building or monument.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) can be described as a combination of VR and AR. It is a mix of images of the real world with virtual images to create a new environment. This can be done with special devices (Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens) or even with any common modern smartphone!


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