HTML/CSS course

Course description

Learn the basic skills of web development with HTML and CSS and use them to create a simple website. Everyone can build a website, we’ll just teach you how!

The HTML/CSS course is the introduction course of the Web Development track. After finishing the course you can move to the Javascript course.

  1. Intro to HTML

  2. Editors and Structure

  3. HTML Elements

  4. Intro to CSS

  5. More HTML

  6. CSS Selectors

  7. Web Fonts

  8. Responsive Web Design

  9. Advanced use of HTML & CSS

  10. Project Presentation

  • Able to understand and speak English

  • Register on

    • Choose the Responsive Web Design Certification

    • Complete the first three exercises of the module Basic HTML and HTML5​


Students are expected to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week - including attendance to the course (4 hours/week) and self-learning at home (6hours/week). 80% attendance of the course is required for graduation.


The Onboarding Week takes place in the second week of September.

Semester starts in September and ends on December.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday, 18:45 - 20:45

Applications for Fall 2021 are closed. Join us in Spring 2022.

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