Application Process


Before you can attend ReDI classes, there are few steps to go through:

1. Open Day

The Open Day is the first step in the application process. In the Open Day you get to know the courses and you can ask questions. We will share with the attendees the Online Application.

2. Preparation

The preparation helps you to find out if the course is right for you. It also helps you to prepare for the course. You find the required preparation on the course page. You have to upload the proof of the preparation in the online application.

3. Online Application

You have to attend the Open Day to get access to the Online Application. The application form takes some time, so please find a quiet space and take your time for it. Important: Do the preparation beforehand. In the application you have to upload the proof that you completed the preparation.

4. Orientation Session

In the Orientation Session you get a brief introduction to the course. You get an understanding of the course and if the level of the course is right for you. The session is hands-on and you will work on a mini project. The orientation session takes place in August. Please prepare yourself with the material which we will share with you in advance. 

5. Onboarding

The Onboarding Week takes place in the second week of September. You get to know your fellow students and teachers. You get to know what ReDI has to offer you.

6. Kick-Off

Start Coding! The classes start, you attend twice a week and work on great projects. Classes start after Onboarding in the third week of September.

Applications for Fall 2021 are closed. Join us in Spring 2022.

Get notified as soon as we open the next round.